Dig In – 2017

This year, 2017, my husband and I chose an intention for the year as opposed to the traditional New Year’s Resolution. We chose the words “Dig In.”

For us, that meant pushing into the hard things of life. We had just started our property management business and it needed to grow in order to be able to do it full time without a supplementary income. So we dug into marketing and promotion whole hog. We committed to having tenants in our house so we could keep our cost of living down. We invested in office space and gave up parking spaces so we could afford to grow the business.

When hardships and trials threatened to shutter our doors we pushed even harder to make deadlines and complete what was asked of us.

We completed a Whole 30 as a commitment to our health and loved it. (Need to do it again, but that’s another story.)

Even in the little things, like doing stuff around the house, when it felt hard but needed doing we kept saying to ourselves “DIG IN.”

Having such a clear intention all year, written in big white letters up on our chalkboard wall as a reminder, was such a great experience. We learned so much about ourselves and our ability to grow and flourish despite hardship.

The real miracle has been what has blossomed in our life that I believe has been a direct result of that commitment to “Dig In.” We have more financial stability than we’ve ever had before. We have earned flexibility and authority over our own schedule.

So the next thing – what will 2018’s intention be? How will that shape Jamie and Felicia Buhler’s lives and family?

One thing is for certain, we will take what we’ve learned in 2017 and carry it with us into 2018 whatever the future holds.

Stay tuned for more on what 2018 will look like!

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