Welcome to my blog! Things are just getting started around here. Stick around and watch the learning curve of a mom-turned-blogger with very little writing experience and even less web-tech experience. Things will be in constant change but little by little, day by day, we will change for the better.


What today feels like

We’ve done things differently throughout our marriage. We’ve never been afraid of job security that has been less than ideal. We’ve always managed to keep the lights on despite rocky financial circumstances. In fact, we’ve never been conventionally secure ever. Last night we had a “budget talk.” That oh-so-fun real talk where everything is laid …

Dig In – 2017

This year, 2017, my husband and I chose an intention for the year as opposed to the traditional New Year’s Resolution. We chose the words “Dig In.” For us, that meant pushing into the hard things of life. We had just started our property management business and it needed to grow in order to be …

About Me

My name is Felicia. I have three kids, a wonderful husband and two furbabies. Life is full and lovely and often messy. I’m an unrepentant idealist and that has made life interesting and sometimes difficult. While I’m not sorry about having ideals and I am always striving to achieve them I don’t always succeed and sometimes I get sad and depressed but I’m not giving up. Everyday is a new day to try something new, give it one more shot, and hopefully learn something about myself and the world around me.